Los Angeles River Revitalization

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The Los Angeles River Revitalization effort is an exciting ecosystem restoration project that has the potential to transform the city of Los Angeles. The entire river runs fifty one miles through urban Los Angeles as well as several other cities, and has been an important part of the history of the city and surrounding communities. A portion of the Los Angeles River runs through our thirty fourth Congressional District.

In the 1930s, unpredictable flooding led the U.S. Corps of Engineers to pave over the entire river in concrete. I have been leading the efforts in Congress to revitalize the Los Angeles River to maintain its historic flood control function while creating a more environmentally friendly and safe green space with parks, trails and commerce.

As a native Angeleno, I have always believed in the vision of a vibrant and “green” Los Angeles River. It is a dream I share with many Angelenos who see the economic and environmental benefits to our communities that river revitalization would bring.

I look forward to the day when the river will be known as a beautiful Los Angeles landmark and a point of civic pride.

Los Angeles River Revitalization Funding
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