Energy & Environment

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Environmental stewardship remains one of the most important responsibilities of the federal government. Congress needs to continue and strengthen our national efforts to clean our air, clean our water, and preserve our natural resources, understanding that what we do today has a profound impact on future generations of Americans.

During my tenure in Congress we have made significant progress to protect the environment. Most recently, several landmark achievements in environmental policy were enacted during the 111th Congress and included: increased efficiency standards and additional incentives for green building; the first new fuel efficiency standards in 32 years; a historic new commitment to bio-fuels; improvement of passenger rail service; and extension of tax incentives to invest in clean, renewable energy. Congress must continue to move the nation forward to protect our resources and address global climate change, which left unchecked, will have disastrous consequences for future generations.

I remain committed to responsible environmental policy for our Los Angeles region and the nation and will continue to support Congressional initiatives to put the United States in the forefront as a global leader in climate change.

Congresswoman Roybal-Allard's Environment Legislation

Los Angeles River Revitalization Funding
$20 million authorization for restoration and revitalization projects along the Los Angeles River.

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