Los Angeles River Revitalization

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The Los Angeles River Revitalization effort is a critical ecosystem restoration project that has the potential to transform the City of Los Angeles.  During my tenure in Congress, I have been deeply honored to initiate and lead the congressional effort to help make the dream of a revitalized Los Angeles River a reality.

The LA River winds through fifty-one miles of urban LA neighborhoods and nearby communities on its way to the Pacific Ocean.  Revitalizing the river, an invaluable part of our history, will make it a part of our future as well.  Our revitalization plan will increase LA park space, restore native wetland habitats, build new public spaces, and create new recreational opportunities and businesses along the river.  These steps will help strengthen our ecosystem as well as our regional economy.

Over the past decade, I have fought to educate key stakeholders and obtain federal funding essential to revitalization efforts.  I secured the first federal funds for the effort, and as a member of the House Appropriations Committee, I am continuing my work to ensure that the LA River maintains a strong partnership with the federal government.

I look forward to the day when the river will be known as a beautiful Los Angeles landmark and a point of civic pride.  In time, and with hard work and determination, I am confident that we can bring the benefits of a restored LA River to all of our Southeast neighborhoods that line the river, and create a win-win for the entire Los Angeles area.
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