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As a native Angelena, I am well aware that the effective and efficient movement of people and goods is a never-ending challenge for our local communities.  Cars, buses, and expanding light rail and subway lines have all played important roles in keeping LA on the move.  However, we see every day that these traditional modes of transportation strain to meet our intense local demand.  As a member of the House Appropriations Committee, I work not only to ensure new and innovative national transportation and safety programs are funded, but also to ensure our state and local communities receive their fair share of federal infrastructure resources. 

I have worked closely with our local transportation stakeholders to grow our rail transit system, and I was proud to have shepherded the federal effort to build the Edward R. Roybal Metro Gold Line Eastside Extension.  I am continuing to work with local partners to reduce congestion, increase mobility, protect our air quality, and improve the efficient movement of goods throughout our region.  We hope to achieve these goals by further expanding our transit systems; rehabilitating our freeways; repairing and maintaining our aging infrastructure; and ensuring cleaner-burning trucks and ships at our ports. 

As we address our future transportation needs, we must continue to think “outside the box” and look at alternative means of transportation.  That is one reason why I have been an early and ardent supporter of efforts to restore the historic Red Car to downtown Los Angeles.  I believe a Red Car circulator that connects both ends of downtown can provide efficient and effective downtown transportation to workers, residents, and tourists. 

Pursuing alternative modes of transportation and alternative fuel sources is all the more pressing as the nation grapples with the reality of climate change and the uncertain future of fossil fuels.  I will continue to work with congressional leaders to address our critical infrastructure needs in a fair and balanced manner.
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