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Equal Pay Day

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Washington, DC, April 9, 2013 | Elizabeth Murphy ((202) 225-1766) | comments
Mr. Speaker, today the 9th of April is called Equal Pay Day because it marks the number of days into 2013 women have had to work to equal the salary of their male counterparts in 2012.

It is a sad reality that women systemically continue to be paid less than men for doing the same work.

As families increasingly rely on women’s wages to makes ends meet, equal pay is not simply a women’s issue—it is a family issue.

On average, women receive only 77 cents for every dollar paid to male workers.

This disparity results in a loss of nearly $11,000 a year or the equivalent of four months of groceries, five months of child care, and over six months of rent and utilities.

In my home state of California the wage gap is even more pronounced for Black and Latina women, who receive just 64 and 42 cents, respectively, for every dollar paid to white men.

Mr. Speaker, we have the power to correct this injustice that hurts families and the economy. I urge the Republican leadership to allow a vote on the Paycheck Fairness Act.
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