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Dear Friend,

Now that spring has begun,  I would like to share with you some highlights of my winter work as your congresswoman.  I hope you find them informative.  You can also follow me on TwitterFacebookInstagram, and YouTube.

Before I begin, I would like to share some important notices with you.

Need help filing your taxes?  Visit today!  You may qualify for FREE tax prep help, plus thousands of dollars in cash back through the Federal and Cal Earned Income Tax Credits.  File now and claim what's yours!

Are you wondering what the latest judicial decisions on DACA mean for you and your family?  Read this flyer for info.

USCIS is continuing to accept DACA renewal requests.  Any DACA recipient who can request renewal should do so immediately.  Click here to find out how to file a renewal application.  (USCIS is not accepting requests from individuals who have never before been granted deferred action under DACA.)

¿Se está preguntando qué significan las últimas decisiónes judiciales sobre DACA para usted y su familia?  Lea esta folleto para la información.

USCIS sigue aceptando solicitudes de renovación para DACA.  Cualquier beneficiario de DACA que pueda solicitar una renovación debe hacerlo de inmediato.  Haga clic aquí para informarse cómo presentar una solicitud de renovación.  (USCIS no está aceptando aplicaciones de individuos que nunca antes se les ha otorgado una acción diferida bajo DACA.)

How to Keep Your Data Safe: Protect yourself and your family from the effects of the Equifax data breach!  The Federal Trade Commission has details on what to do in English and Spanish.  You can also read English and Spanish instructions on locking or freezing your Equifax credit report.

Rights Under the U.S. Constitution for Our Immigrant Families and NeighborsRead this information about immigrants’ rights under the law.

Derechos Bajo la Constitución de los Estados Unidos Para Nuestras Familias y Vecinos InmigrantesLea esta información sobre los derechos de los inmigrantes bajo la ley.

Blood Testing and Soil Sampling Near Exide: If you live, work, or go to school within three miles of the Exide plant, I encourage you to get a FREE blood lead test.  For details, visit or call (844) 888-2290.  If you live within 1.7 miles of Exide, you can also sign up for soil testing.  For more information, visit or call (844) 225-3887.  Please also feel free to share this general information Exide flyer in English and in Spanish with any friends and family living in the affected area.

Fighting for the Just Treatment of Our Immigrant Neighbors:

Speaking with constituents about my fight for immigration policies that protect Dreamers and value families.

While the courts suspended the Trump Administration's March 5th deadline for DACA recipients to renew their status, the program is still in jeopardy.  800,000 Dreamers are deeply uncertain about their futures in the only country they know as home.  These Dreamers are students preparing for careers.  They are loving parents to U.S. citizen children. They are workers making our nation stronger and more prosperous.  They need certainty about their futures.  I call on Speaker Ryan and House Republicans to help us pass the Dream Act now, so we can protect Dreamers and their vital contributions to our country.

I recently reintroduced the Help Separated Families Act to help keep families together in the face of this Administration’s cruel and extreme immigration enforcement actions, which are tearing children from the loving arms of their undocumented parents.  It is time for our government to affirm that your immigration status should not prohibit you from being with your children.

Read My Student Resource Guide:

If you are a high school or college student looking for help to pay for college, I encourage you to read my Student Resource Guide, which includes information about scholarships, internships, fellowships, and websites to help you meet your college expenses.  Please feel free to circulate it!

Advocating for an Accurate Census:

The Commerce Department has announced that a new citizenship question will be added to the 2020 Census.  Their action is another shameful assault on our democracy by the Trump Administration.  It will undoubtedly drive down Census participation, and cost our neighborhoods federal funds and seats in Congress.  The administration is worried about losing power, so they are trying to take power away from our communities.  I oppose this change, and I will continue to fight to ensure we have an accurate count.

Promoting Good Health for All Americans:

With the local health leaders who took part in my 2018 Clinic Roundtable in Commerce.

Thanks to the local health leaders who shared their insights at my 2018 Hospital and Clinic Roundtables in Commerce.  As your congresswoman, and as a member of the Labor-HHS-Education Appropriations Subcommittee, I always value the expert advice I receive at these roundtables. Their insights help guide my fight to represent your health care needs, and to defend the gains in health care access and quality made possible by the Affordable Care Act.

I discussed the importance of the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) with leaders of WIC sites in our 40th District communities, including Cudahy, Huntington Park, and Paramount.  As a co-chair of the Maternity Care Caucus and the Public Health Caucus, I strongly support WIC's efforts to promote good health and nutritional support for low-income pregnant women, new mothers, infants, and young children.

It was humbling to be honored by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) with their 2017 Excellence in Public Service Award for my policy efforts to improve the quality of life for America’s children.  The AAP has been a great partner in my work to prevent underage drinking (including passing and reauthorizing the Sober Truth on Preventing (STOP) Underage Drinking Act), and to ensure more universal inclusion of children in National Institutes of Health research.

Supporting Our Cities and Our Residents:

Attending the ribbon-cutting for Bellflower’s Mayne Events Center.

It was gratifying to celebrate the completion of Bellflower’s Mayne Events Center.  12 years ago, Bellflower city staff and then-LA County Fire Captain Joe Woyjeck first told me about their idea to build this center, which would also house the LA County Fire Museum.  I was more than glad to help kick off the project with an appropriations grant of $490,000.  All these years later, I'm absolutely thrilled to see the finished facility, and look forward to it serving as a major hub of community activity in the coming years.

I took part in many meetings with constituents throughout the 40th District, including visits with seniors at the Bell Gardens Senior Center, a collaborative meeting at the Downey TLC Family Resource Center, and a Women Veterans Paint Night at Commerce’s Rosewood Library!  I spoke with audiences about the many constituent services my office provides, including help resolving issues with federal agencies and programs.

It was also a pleasure to be invited by the Paramount Chamber of Commerce to be a part of Paramount’s 2018 State of the City Address, and to meet with Bellflower leaders and other city residents during Bellflower’s State of the City event.  I’m proud to advocate in Congress for the people of Paramount, Bellflower, and all the other communities in our 40th District.  I have no doubt that they will continue to grow and reach new milestones in the years to come.

Championing Our Youth and Our Schools:

Congratulations to Griffiths and Stauffer Middle Schools in the Downey Unified School District on their recognition as California Schools to Watch in 2018!  I was honored to join students, teachers, parents and administrators at Griffiths Middle School to celebrate their achievement.

It was wonderful to meet the incredible young people at a Designated Exceptional Services for Independence (D.E.S.I.) Friendship Mixer in East LA.  I’m so proud of all their hard work toward community integration, and I greatly appreciate D.E.S.I.’s tireless work to empower individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Thank you to D.E.S.I. Founder/Executive Director Elizabeth Jinzo and Development Associate Evren Arat for inviting me to be the event's guest of honor.

Keeping Our Communities Safe:

Discussing the Coast Guard's FY 2019 budget request with Coast Guard Commandant Adm. Paul Zukunft. 

As ranking Democrat on the House Homeland Security Appropriations Subcommittee, it is my privilege to fight for a safe and secure America by helping to oversee our government's Homeland Security spending decisions.  My work on this critical issue will continue in the coming fiscal year, FY 2019.

I joined with The Weather Channel to film this short public service video reminding you that dangerous weather can impact Californians any time, anywhere.  Make sure your family has emergency plans and supplies in place!  Read more at the We Love Weather website and at

We must do all we can to ensure our military is a strong 21st century fighting force, and that includes welcoming the service of American patriots regardless of gender identity.  That is why I was appalled by the president's recent announcement of a policy to ban most transgender individuals from military service.  To tell transgender troops that they cannot live their truth and protect our country is simply un-American.

Standing Up for Our Businesses:

Addressing the Los Angeles County Business Federation.

As a supporter of a strong and vibrant 40th District business climate, I was honored to be the special guest at a Los Angeles County Business Federation meet-and-greet.  I appreciated the chance to meet with board members, and to update them about what’s happening in Washington.

It is my pleasure to assist local businesses in their interactions with the federal government.  Recently, I was glad to lead the congressional effort to help a 40th District business, Red Chamber Co. of Vernon, successfully navigate the bureaucracy of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.  If your 40th District business is seeking assistance in dealing with federal agencies, please contact my District Office at (323) 721-8790.

Fighting for Common Sense Spending and Tax Policies:

I was honored to accept an appointment from House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi to serve on the newly created Joint Select Committee on Budget and Appropriations Process Reform.  We need sensible, effective reforms that will help Congress improve this important process, while also maintaining the integrity of the underlying budget and appropriations processes.  I look forward to helping to bring those reforms to fruition.

Rep. Judy Chu and I co-hosted a Southern California teach-in on the GOP Tax Scam, where we joined with experts and local officials to explain what the tax scam means for the economic future of our communities and our country. The scam gives massive permanent tax breaks to corporations and the wealthiest Americans, while working families get extremely modest temporary tax cuts that mask the scam's painful and costly impacts on the middle class.  It's just another example of the same failed Republican economic policies we’ve seen before.

Demanding Equal Rights and Justice for All Americans:

March is Women's History Month, and I recorded a video saluting all the women in our 40th District and across America who have made our nation a better place. Their persistence and courage inspire us to keep fighting against the injustices and inequities women face every day.

During Black History Month, I joined Americans from coast to coast in celebrating all that African Americans have done to make America stronger and greater.  I made a video to honor this important occasion, and I also visited South LA's historic Second Baptist Church of Los Angeles, the oldest African American Baptist Church in Southern California.  The church, which played an important role in the Civil Rights Movement, will celebrate 133 years of uninterrupted Los Angeles service this May.

I was thrilled to speak at Hispanas Organized for Political Equality's annual Latina History Day Conference.  This year’s theme was "Leading with Values and Purpose," which was especially relevant given the challenges our Latina community is facing.  It was wonderful to join so many extraordinary Latinas for this event.

Advocating for Common Sense Gun Safety Measures:

Joining students outside the Capitol in support of action to prevent gun violence.

In the aftermath of the heartrending mass shooting in Parkland, Florida, I joined a majority of House members in voting for the STOP School Violence Act.  However, this bill was just a small first step in the fight against gun violence.  If we want to prevent more shootings like Parkland, we need strong, sensible, bipartisan gun safety policies that do more to protect our children and communities.

Fighting for Los Angeles River Revitalization:

As a leader of the years-long effort to revitalize our beloved Los Angeles River, I co-led a letter with a dozen of my LA-area House colleagues urging House appropriators to provide the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers with vital funds to help revive the river and make our dream come true.  I also welcomed representatives of the Army Corps' LA District to my DC office.  It is a privilege to partner with them in our ongoing effort to revitalize the entire LA River, which will not only create an economic and recreational beacon for our Southeast communities, but will also bolster the ecological and environmental status of our entire state.

Immigration Form Update:

If you are filing forms with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), keep in mind that USCIS is now only accepting the current versions of its forms.  You can visit to download these new forms for FREE.  You can also request paper forms from USCIS by calling (800) 870-3676.

If You Visit Washington, DC:

If you are a resident of California's 40th District and planning a trip to Washington, DC, I can provide information on many of the area's distinguished landmarks.  You can submit your tour requests here.  Please contact my office with at least 8-12 weeks advance notice whenever possible.

Contacting You About the Issues That Matter to You:

If you live or work in the 40th Congressional District and you would like to specify the issues that particularly interest you, please fill out this form.


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